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the DeFi and
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London Real Ventures is an investments venture which focuses on working with companies in the DeFi and crypto sectors, creating value for our partners through transformative media.

Our Mission

London Real Ventures mission is to strategically invest in cutting-edge, digital asset ecosystem protocols and DeFi projects, while giving our portfolio companies marketing exposure across the London Real media platforms & the DeFi Academy, thereby heightening awareness, creating customers and building communities by leveraging our global audience and extensive alumni network.

In today’s fast-moving modern day digital ecosystem, technology is not enough. Capital is not enough. You must quickly create real media cut-through in order to become relevant, stay relevant, attract customers, build partnerships, and evolve at scale.

It is for this reason I founded London Real Ventures, an innovative media partner whose focus on the crypto & DeFi sectors helps brands in the sector achieve the mainstream success they crave.

Brian Rose,
Founder of London Real Ventures and
The DeFi Academy

Areas of Interest

Across our portfolio, London Real Ventures has a number of key areas of Blockchain technology-focussed interests, including DeFi solutions, Metaverse NFT and gaming projects as well as Layer 0, 1 and 2 protocols.

  • DeFi Solutions
  • Metaverse, nfts & gaming
  • Layer 0, 1 & 2 protocols

Contact us now if you're working on a game-changing project in one of these sectors; we would love to hear from you!

London Real by the Numbers

London Real is a globally renowned broadcaster, reaching some of the largest audiences in the crypto sector. With over 1,000 interviews with the most important voices in the world, we are synonymous with providing access to the truth, celebrating different views, perspectives and insights as well as promoting financial freedom through DeFi and cryptocurrency.








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Our Portfolio

London Real Ventures partners with brands who are developing world-class offerings in their area of specialism, whether it be NFTs, gaming or other types of blockchain innovation. Our portfolio includes:

DeFi Yield App

Manage digital assets with DeFi Yield App’s full suite of innovative tools which allow crypto investors to make the right decisions at the right times.

Cross the Ages

Cross The Ages is a Polygon-based NFT-driven fame universe where fantasy and science fiction come together.


Our Offering

As part of the London Real Ventures offering, we provide multi platform media access to 5 million subscribers worldwide and connection to our extensive DeFi Academy alumni network.

Awareness & Audience Growth

New Product Development Analysis

large scale Crypto Network

Media Planning & Execution

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